On 31st July 2015, Luka Koper was visited by the high-level delegation of the Korean logistics giant Hyundai Glovis headed by the president Mr Kim Kyungbae. The principal logistics provider of Hyundai and KIA car manufacturers, Glovis has in over a decade of collaboration become one of our most important partners in the throughput of containers, cars and metal coils. The Port of Koper primarily serves for the supply of car plants in Czech Republic and Slovakia while made cars are shipped to the overseas markets. Last year, one sixth of the total 674,000 containers was handled for Hyundai Glovis. 

The visitors satisfied with the services provided, in particular quick response and the ability to adapt to their needs and requirements, expressed an interest in extending the collaboration. Indeed, they anticipate that Koper will play an important role in the implementation of their expansion strategy. “To further collaborate with such perspective and demanding partners, we absolutely have to increase our capacities – both terminal as well as out-of-port transport infrastructure. This is the train we cannot afford to miss,” said upon this occasion Dragomir Matić, the Management Board President.