In cooperation with the Embassy of Paraguay in Vienna, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Slovenian Ship & Freight Agents Association and the Slovenian Association of Port Logistics Providers, we organized on 19th November 2020 the webinar “Doing Business with the Port of Koper, Paraguayan export – import to Europe via the Port of Koper”. Luka Koper and the Koper port community presented to the Paraguayan side – including the Investment and Export Network and the Center for Fluvial and Maritime Shipowners – all opportunities and formal procedures for potential exporters and importers, with special emphasis on accessability on Central and Eastern European Markets. Paragauy is relying on its fluvial ports for international commerce, mostly exporting various raw materials, agricultural  and industrial product. Current Paraguayan traffic volumes via port of Koper are quite modest, with only few hundreds containers annually. There is potential especially on the agricultural segment, mostly, soybean, fodder and vegetables oils.

Such events increase the visibility of the transport route through Slovenia, also in the light of new trade agreements between the EU and Mercosur. Paraguay, as a member of Mercosur, enjoys relatively favorable economic forecasts, which, together with national development plans, open up new commercial opportunities for the development of overseas transport.