Presidents of the Management Boards, respectively Mr. Robert Časar for Luka Koper and Mr. Dieter Kaas for TTI, have today (9th September) signed the contract for the purchase of 10% of TTI by Luka Koper. With this purchase Luka Koper has gained an influential position (with a member in the management board and one in the supervisory board) in the international group who operates 14 logistic centres in central and eastern Europe. The network of logistics centres has in year 2007 registered 41 million tonnes of cargo throughput and is very interesting for Luka Koper from a marketing point of view, who strives to become the leading port and logistic system for central and eastern Europe.
TTI who has its headquarters in Bratislava (Slovakia) has 750 employees and registerd a turnover of 760 millions of Euros and a net profit of 25 million Euros in 2007. They also have a stake in the company Adria Terminali (a subsidiary company of Luka Koper, d.d.) who operates the distribution and logistic centre in Sežana. In conjuction with the Hungarian copmany MAV Cargo, both companies are also owners of Rail Port Arad, which operates the container terminal in Arad, Romania.