‘I Feel Slovenia. Green. Creative. Smart.’ is a national communications campaign of the ‘I feel Slovenia’ brand in the field of economy. The campaign was launched as a result of the brand’s success in raising Slovenia’s profile and reputation in the international environment. It is intended as the complete and uniform promotion of Slovenia’s economy in the competitive global market.

As well as being focused on sustainability, Slovenia’s economy is customer-oriented, offering creative, innovative and accessible solutions both for individuals and for the society’s overall long-term benefits.

With their sustainable, innovative and smart solutions, the 19 companies of the national campaign, including Luka Koper, significantly contribute to the recognition of Slovenia as technologically developed, creatively oriented green country, building its positive image and promoting its stable and cutting-edge business environment.

The campaign highlights Slovenia’s key competitive advantages in niche areas of the green economy, environmental technologies, robotics, mobility, digitization, development and research, and the creative industries.