The association was founded in Rome in 1996 with aim to promote the cruise industry,  which is rapidly increasing mainly in the Mediterranean basin,  and this year it its  20th anniversay. Besides that, Medcruise provides for the representation of interests of all members, exchange of good practices and advices related to the development of the cruise tourism and collaboration with related associations in the world. 

Today,  MedCruise includes 71 members,  representing more than 100 tourist ports.  The Board of Directors, composed of 13 members is presently chaired by the President,  Mrs. Carla Salvado’ from Barcelona. Mr. Bojan Babič, head of Cruise Terminal in Koper, is one of  members of the Board of Directors.  

Luka Koper decided to engage in passenger transport about a decade ago, and now Koper has become a recognisable and worth visiting destination on the global cruise map.

Slovenia is rich in natural, historical and other heritage thus we have a lot to offer to tourists to see, feel and experience. Luka Koper has been included in the programme of over fifteen cruise operators, and 2016 will witness the arrival of 500,000th passenger. 60 cruise ships will call the port this season with about 70,000 tourists aboard which is nearly twenty ahead percent of last year.