The cooperation is becoming noteworthy, with increasing trends. Main product categories are containers, new cars and metal products – and many more – even livestock. During current season, Koper even became one of main gateways for export of Polish apples. Further we are happy to report that the amount of cargo on Koper-Wroclaw trains keeps increasing and now a new opportunity is arising with opening of a new connection to Katowice area. The terminal near Oswiecim is equipped with certified scale, so it will be able to assist with providing of VGM – as per SOLAS requirements.

On 11/5 we have organized a gathering in Katowice where we present the basics of co-operation opportunities through Koper – with focus on Far East and Mediterranean destinations, the main updates from Koper and on the routes to/from Poland. We were pleased to note that the share of guests who already started using Koper – has increased from our previous event. The increasing number of positive examples of cooperation and the B2B meetings between Koper and Polish logistic companies have spread further optimism that even more could be done in the future.