At the 2nd call of the Program Med the Selection Committee has selected 52 transnational European projects. Among them there are three projects (PORTA, FREIGHT4ALL and LOSAMEDCHEM) involving Luka Koper. The projects will start in June 2010 and end in the first half of 2013. 

The project PORTA (Port as a gateway for Access inner regions) will tackle the problem of congestion of shipping system due to bottlenecks at the access of urban ports.  The Spanish foundation FEPORTS is the lead partner. Beside Luka Koper the Port Authorities of Catania (Italy), Alicante (Spain), Piraeus (Greece) and other partners will participate in the activities. 

Leaded by the Greek Region of Crete the project FREIGHT4ALL (A distributed and open freight transport ICT solution for all stakeholders in the Mediterranean area) aims at developing a distributed platform as a mediator for the effective interactions of the stakeholders involved in the logistics chain. We will cooperate in the project together with the Italian Freight Village of Bologna, the Spanish Port Authority of Valencia and research institutes from Spain, Italy and France. 

Transportation of chemicals, in particular hazardous cargo, will be investigated in the  LOSAMEDCHEM project (How could the logistics and the safety of the transports of chemicals be improved in the Mediterranean area), leaded by the Italian Province of Novara.  Among others the Port authorities of Genoa and Trieste and the University of Maribor (Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) will take part at the project.