On March 29, 2017, together with representatives of the Koper port community and the Slovenian Embassy in Egypt, the Port of Koper organised the business event known as Luka Koper Day for the third consecutive year in the Egyptian capital. The event was attended by approximately 100 Egyptian business partners, mainly food-product traders and fruit, vegetable growers and textile exporters, as well as by representatives of umbrella organisations, i.e. the Egyptian Freight Forwarders Association, the Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Association and others. Egypt is considered one of the largest global exporters of fruit and vegetables, whereas Koper represents one of the most important importation points and is a location from where goods are dispatched across the entire European continent. Today, Koper boasts very good connections with the Egyptian ports: there are six container services operating weekly which provide short transit routes for both imports and exports. Especially for food-products exporters, the short transit times and fast dispatch of goods from the port play a key role in the selection of their transport route. Last year, 700,000 tonnes of different Egyptian goods, including 43,000 TEUs, 11,000 vehicles and approximately 100,000 tonnes of general, bulk and liquid cargoes travelled through the Port of Koper. In light of the further consolidation of our cooperation, we executed a memorandum of understanding with the port authorities of Alexandria and Damietta which will promote a mutual exchange of experience and consolidate our cooperation with the objective of further increasing the flow of goods.