Luka Koper attended the event and presented three ongoing projects from last year’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) call for proposal: NAPA4CORE, Fresh Fruit Corridors and GAINN4MOS.

During the event, the results of the CEF open call for proposal were published and Luka Koper is satisfied with the results achieved in two project applications. The first project CarEsmatic, coordinated by Luka Koper is related to the enhancement of the sea motorway between Barcelona, Pireus and Koper with Neptune Lines. The project will support new infrastructural solutions for the increased throughput of cars in Basin III through the co-financing of the ro-ro berth and additional rail facilities. A 30% co-financing amounting to 3,47 mio euros is planned. The second project Elemed, managed by Hellenic Lloyd’s, will enable a study of the possibilities of providing electric power to ships (cold-ironing) during their stay in Eastern Mediterranean ports.