On Tuesday, 10 October 2023, we hosted Martin Candinas, President of the National Council of the Swiss Confederation, accompanied by Gabriele Pia Schreier, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation to the Republic of Slovenia, and her delegation at the Port of Koper. The high-ranking guests were welcomed by the company’s Management Board, headed by its President, Nevenka Kržan, who presented the Company’s business and development projects to the delegation. A special attention was paid to the role of the railway infrastructure in the future development of the port. As the interlocutors agreed, rail has a key role to play in improving land transport and the green transition, both for landlocked countries and for ports which, like the Port of Koper, do a large part of their throughput to hinterland markets. At the Port of Koper, we handle smaller quantities of goods for Swiss companies, which are destined for other hinterland markets and not for Switzerland. However, it should be emphasized that global traders, manufacturers, logistics operators and shipowners, who are important decision-makers in international logistics flows, have their registered office in Switzerland.

Martin Candinas, President of the National Council of the Swiss Confederation welcomed by the President of the Management Board Nevenka Kržan.