Entrances to the port

Terminal in numbers

General information

Operative shore
840 m


Sea depth
7-10 m (with prior arrangements up to 12.5 m)

Storage capacity

Multipurpose closed warehouses
139.400 m²

Roofed warehouses
3.600 m²

Open strorage areas
40.000 m²

We are qualified to handle and store various cargo: coffee, sugar, rice, paper, pulp, magnesite, aluminium, profiles, steel plates & coils, pipes, rails, household appliances, project cargo, etc., of various weight, nature, size, properties and shape.
Everyday we deal with approximately 100 product groups, packaged or semi-packaged in diversified handling units. The goods can be placed in bags, boxes, cartons, bales, cases, discs, bindings, barrels, pallets, big-bags and similar units.

The terminal disposes of modern equipment and suitable warehouses for high quality fast and safe handling and storage of goods. Services are carried out by professional and skilled staff.

Additional services

In addition to conventional cargo handling and land transhipment, we provide alsostripping and stuffing of containers. Upon customer's request we sort the goods and prepare them for further distribution, as the terminal offers consolidation and distribution services.

Other additional services:

  • Lashing,
  • marking,
  • labelling,
  • bagging,
  • weighing,
  • cleaning,
  • sampling,
  • repackaging,
  • binding,
  • palletizing, wrapping palletized goods and others.


Roman Božič
Head of PC General cargo terminal
Robert Šverko
Operations manager
Luka Kraljić
Operations manager
Aleš Kocijan
Sales manager - Project cargo
Karin Kleva
Sales manager
Milka Kleva
Sales manager