Entrances to the port

Terminal in numbers

General information

Operative shore
630 m

Max. arrival draught
17,2 m

No restriction till arrival draught
16,5 m


Gantry crane 15 tons

Bridge crane 32 tons

Unloading (daily capacity)

Coal (handy size)
8 – 12.000 t

Coal (cape size vessel)
17.000 t

Coal (panamax vessel)
15.000 t

Iron ore (cape size vessel)
25.000 t

Loading (daily capacity)

Coal (handy size vessel)
10.000 t

Coal (barge)
10.000 t

Storage capacity

400.000 t

Iron ore
400.000 t

Storage equipment

stacker – reclaimer

Iron ore
stacker – reclaimer

At the terminal we handle and warehouse coal and iron ore.
The terminal equipment enables the loading and discharging of cargo to/from all means of transport (wagon, truck, barge / ship).

Additional services:

  • blending, crushing, screening,
  • application of anti-icing agents on ore and coal.

Terminal and environment

The terminal is located close to urban areas. For that reason we at Luka Koper d.d. devote special attention to the environmental aspects of terminal operation.
In order to limit the negative influence of terminal operations, particularly the dust, we have introduced the following measures:

  • computer-controlled closed conveyor system for unloading of ships,
  • ship loader is equipped with an anti-dust telescopic tube,
  • we have set up a system of sprinkling towers and an aluminium barrier (11 metres) around the terminal,
  • by spraying special cellulose mixture on the stockpiles we cover coal and ore with crust that prevents dusting even with strong wind,
  • sprinkling devices on the handling equipment,
  • cleaning the transport path around the terminal twice a day,
  • the technological water is collected, treated and re-used.


Bojan Tomišič
Head of PC Liquid bulk and Iron ore & Coal terminal
Boštjan Pirc
Operations manager
Boštjan Škvarč
Technical manager
Dragan Zlatanović
Sales manager
Shift manager TRT