Luka Koper Day in Cairo attended by both foreign ministers

13.03.2019|Looking for new opportunities in Egypt.

3.4 km of new railway tracks in the port

21.02.2019|New investment to facilitate car terminal operations and increase productivity.

The second railway track to Koper will be finished in 2025

25.01.2019|Green light for the railway line between Koper and Divača.

Information for Exporters Trading with Australia and New Zealand

21.01.2019|Mandatory fumigation of containers as a measure to fight against the marmorated stink bug.

Maritime throughput in 2018

10.01.2019|Total traffic up by 3 percent, growth on almost all cargo segments.

Business gathering marked by the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the first ship

07.12.2018|On 7th December 1958 the very first ship berthed Koper's quayside.

Visit by Indonesian delegation

05.12.2018|A delegation from Indonesia paid its visit to Luka Koper and commended the long-lasting business cooperation with our company.

MEDPorts as a counterbalance to Northern European ports

03.12.2018|The first general assembly of the MEDPorts Association took place in Civitavecchia near Rome, in Italy.

Representative office of Luka Koper in Vienna celebrating 50 years of operation

02.12.2018|From the very beginning of its operation, Luka Koper has started to expand its sales network to the hinterland markets.

Port of Koper open days organised in our largest markets

30.11.2018|At the end of each year, we traditionally organise a series of meetings with business partners from our largest markets.

The Koreans expressed interest for cooperation with Luka Koper

27.11.2018|In Luka Koper, we hosted the representatives of Korean companies that are entering the European market and are interested in establishing business cooperation with our company.

We took part at the Logistics Conference in Budapest

22.11.2018|On November 19 and 20, a traditional logistics conference NavigatorVilag was held in Budapest.

50 years of Oil Terminal operation

19.11.2018|The terminal for oil products, previously known as petroleum terminal, began to operate in November 1968.

The building permit for the extension of the container terminal is legally valid

09.11.2018|The extended quayside will have a length of 695 meters.

Looking for new opportunities on Bavarian market

25.10.2018|Bavarian container transport market is twice as large as the entire Austrian

New Minister of Infrastructure visited the Port of Koper

24.10.2018|On 24 October, 2018, the new Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek and a delegation visited the Port of Koper.

Improved traffic fluidity at the port entrance

23.10.2018|In Luka Koper, we are striving to ensure that as many truckers as possible begin to apply the prepaid entrance toll payment system.

Port of Koper business reception in Tel Aviv

17.10.2018|A successful event with the largest number of participants so far.

Visit from Port of Alexandria

03.10.2018|This week a high port delegation from Alexandria payed a visit to Port of Koper with intention of strengthening the good partnership and exchange of best practices.

New entrance to the port in 2019

20.09.2018|The construction machinery has started to buzz at the site where the new entrance for the freight transport will open next year.