URL: https://5g-loginnov.eu/

5G-LOGINNOV’s vision is to optimise freight and traffic operations at ports and logistics hubs by using new innovative concepts, applications and devices supported by 5G technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, next generation traffic management, Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) and the 5G logistics corridor.

5G-LOGINNOV applies this potential to ports, freight, and the logistic supply chain. Through the creation, testing and deployment of services, 5G-LOGINNOV will ensure port areas and city-ports can handle upcoming and future capacity, cope with traffic congestion and environmental challenges.

5G-LOGINNOV comprises of a range of port-driven technological and societal innovations, tailored to realise the objectives including automation for ports; generation of data on floating trucks and emission; automated truck platooning and involvement of high-tech SMEs. The innovations will be implemented and tested in real operating conditions in three Living Lab environments, associated with the three 5G-LOGINNOV ports, namely Athens (Greece), Hamburg (Germany) and Luka Koper (Slovenia) Living Labs.

5G-LOGINNOV is part of the European Commission’s 5G-Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP), which is a joint initiative between the European Commission and European ICT industry (ICT manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and researcher Institutions).

5G-LOGINNOV is a three-year project to be completed in September 2023. The project will receive nearly 6 million euros from the European Commission; the Luka Koper activities are co-financed by 70%.


5G-LOGINNOV Open Call for innovative Start-ups and SMEs

With this Open Call, Start-ups and SMEs will have the opportunity to participate in the 5G-LOGINNOV consortium and be part of an exciting project working on improving sustainability and contributing to 5G enabled next generation operation systems of ports and logistics hubs in Europe and beyond.

Selected Open Call applicants will have the opportunity to:

  • investigate and gather experience with 5G based technologies for their use case,
  • deploy and validate their solution in real operating environment,
  • explore technical benefits,
  • exploit information discovered,
  • develop new business opportunities,
  • present their solutions at major international events.

The application deadline is 30 June 2021. The selection process will take place in September, with all applicants receiving a response by 17 September 2021. The five selected winners of the Open Call will be presented in a panel session at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, taking place from 11 to 15 October 2021.

Tender conditions, description of use cases and other instructions are available on the official website of the 5G-LOGINNOV project, at the link https://5g-loginnov.eu/open-call/