The ACCESSMILE project was approved in December 2022 within the framework of the 1st call of the Interreg Central Europe Program for the period 2021-2027, with the specific objective: “Improving transport connections of rural and peripheral regions in Central Europe”. It is a 3-year project that started in April 2023 and involves a total of 11 project partners from 7 EU countries: Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Poland. During the project, pilot measures in the field of innovative coordination platforms will be tested; activities will take place to reduce bottlenecks on the intermodal network, where new systems will be used to digitize processes during the road transport of containers. Luka Koper, d.d. is the leading partner of WPT3, where the goal is to prepare a regional action plan – based on individual action plans that will be prepared by all project partners. The final result will be “A Transnational Tool for Promoting Coordinated Multimodal Freight Transport through ICT in Central Europe”.

The ACCESSMILE project aims to increase cooperation and coordination between stakeholders in multimodal freight transport in Central Europe using innovative ICT systems, involving some of the most important ports, back-end terminals and stakeholders that create multimodal traffic flows. As part of the pilot activity, the Port of Koper will take care of the development of a system that will detect vehicle registration plates and container numbers when entering the port through a specific entrance. The aim is to speed up and rationalize processes or data exchange. The equipment, which will be purchased by the Port of Koper, will be used to read containers on trucks during transport to/from the port of Koper.

The Interreg CE programme co-finances project activities in the amount of 80 %.

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