The ADRIPASS PLUS project was approved under the closed call of the Interreg ADRION Program in December 2021. It is a 6-month project that began in January 2022. The project involves 11 partners from 7 countries: Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Serbia. The leading partner of the project is CEI (Central European Initiative). During the execution of the project some specific activities will be carried out like: pilot implementations in the field of innovative coordination platforms, activities to reduce bottlenecks on the intermodal network and the use of new systems for announcing trucks in the port.

The ADRIPASS PLUS project seeks to increase cooperation and digitization of processes among stakeholders in multimodal freight transport in the Adriatic-Ionian region, using innovative ICT systems, including some of the most important ports, freight forwarders and terminals that create multimodal traffic flows.

During the execution of pilot activities, the Port of Koper will take care of upgrading the VBS system. It is an online platform for the registration of truck entries, or the review of cargo status and planning applications. With such a system, Luka Koper can control the flows of trucks into the port and optimize traffic. By upgrading the system, Luka Koper will enable paperless operations for trucks at the car terminal. In order to achieve this goal, the Port of Koper, with the help of EU funds from the ADRIPASS PLUS project, will upgrade the system by developing functionalities such as: display of data for arrivals or departures to the operator in the reception office on the basis of contactless reading of the truck driver’s card; choice of place of loading or unloading; reading cards with portable devices; preparation and electronic confirmation of loading or unloading and the development of an application to display customs’ data.

The Interreg ADRION Programme co-finances project activities in the amount of 85%.

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