The ATLANTIS project was approved for co-financing under the public tender HORIZON-CL3-2021-INFRA-01-01 “European infrastructures and their autonomy safeguarded against systemic risks”. Luka Koper company is a member of the ATLANTIS project consortium, where in addition to the other Slovenian partners (DARS, Telekom Slovenije, Slovenian Railways, Petrol, Ministry of Infrastructure, Government Information Security Office, Jožef Stefan Institute, Institute for Corporate Security Studies and the company Snep) there are 28 project partners from 9 European countries (Italy, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Spain and Croatia).

ATLANTIS aims at enhancing resilience and Cyber-Physical-Human (CPH) security of the key EU Critical Infrastructures, going beyond the scope of distinct assets, systems, and single CI, by addressing resilience at the systemic level against major natural hazards and complex attacks that could potentially disrupt vital functions of the society. The Slovenian pilot case will focus on protecting autonomy from systemic risks and ensuring business continuity in multimodal transport (port, rail and motorway), energy, information and communication critical infrastructure and services. In addition, the multimodal pilot will focus on important approaches to improve information sharing mechanisms at different operational levels.

Project duration: 1.10.2022 – 30.9.2025 (36 months)

Project budget: 12,7 mio EUR (maximum grant amount is 9,9 mio EUR)

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