URL: https://www.infrastress.eu/

The mission of InfraStress is to ensure the security of Sensitive Industrial Plants and Sites in Europe by improving their resilience aiding them in the effective protection against hazards and both physical and cyber threats and optimizing their investments in the resilience improvement and protection. InfraStress project was approved under Horizon2020 (EU funding for Research and Innovation). It is 2-year project that will start in June 2019. There are 27 project partners from 10 countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and France) in consortium.

Port of Koper will participate in a preparation of user requirements and risk scenarios. Further to this, it will be involved in the analysis of cyber and physical risks and vulnerabilities. Port of Koper intends to perform a pilot action in cooperation with Petrol that is also a project partner. Moreover, Port of Koper will take part in testing and validating pilot actions results of the participating partners. Port of Koper will also contribute to tasks related to dissemination of project results. Besides Luka Koper and Petrol, there are two others Slovenian partners in the project – Institute for Corporative Security Studies (ICS) and Institute Jozef Stefan (IJS).

Expected benefits from participating in the project will be reflected through the identification, prediction and evaluation of risks such as deliberate attacks, man-made threats or natural hazards. Port of Koper intends to identify gaps in knowledge on threats to the critical infrastructure, employ new knowledge on port-security procedures and systems, exploit innovative solutions to enhance protection of the port infrastructure, exchange experiences between project partners, enhance security awareness, and improve the risk-assessment tools.

Project activities of Port of Koper will be co-financed of 70% by Horizon 2020.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 833088.