The NAPA association has been created to tackle common problems and challenges that have to face biggest Northern Adriatic ports like: Port Authorities of Venice, Trieste and Rijeka and the Port of Koper. The increasing Asia Europe trades through the Suez Canal, have been making the Adriatic sea even more strategic thank to its geographical position closer to East and Far East. As a consequence of these growing flows there are going to be changes to the current scenario in which the Northern Range ports retain dominance.

NAPA STUDIES project’s objectives – as well as all other NAPA projects, are to promote the development of the Mediterranean and the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor within the TEN-T European network. NAPA STUDIES represents for the Port of Koper the opportunity co-fund within the 50% the production of project documents for the development of the only Slovenian port, as for example project documentation to: increase capacity at the livestock terminal, new berthing places for tankers, additional berths in the northern part of the basin II, building 6th Group of tracks and the tracks 21 a, b, c, with RMG crane rails on CT, reconstruction of 7th berth, as well as 7tha and 7thb berths to the extension towards the east, and last but not least the navigability study in the basin I and sustainability study in basin II.