URL: http://www.rcms-project.net/

RCMS is an innovative infrastructure-specific and resource-efficient solution for enhanced cross-modal inter-connectivity and active container management, capable of providing optimal and adaptable responses to changes in conditions of multi-modal transport network by all actors in the value chain (shipping companies, port terminal operators, truck and railways companies). This project involves a broad consortium of internationally known partners from Italy, Spain, Germany, Israel, Poland and Slovenia. The project aims to solve some of the main problems affecting Container Terminals. While advances have been made in terminal automation, with current technologies terminals are limited by their ability to maintain growth and quality of service. To address these trends, RCMS will play a fundamental role through the development of a detailed simulation model for RCMS in the Gdansk and Koper Terminal plus a set of generic simulation tools to be used in all terminals while assessing and comparing RCMS performance with other state of the art container handling technologies with different features. RCMS is EU co-funded project (program Horizon 2020), started in May 2015, lasting for 21 months.