The Supervisory board of Luka Koper has on its regular session on 25th November addressed the  non-audited business results of the Luka Koper Group for the January – September period. All financial indicators suggest a steady growth, although, as forecasted, the third quarter is historically a low-season period. The total maritime throughput amounted to 16.2 million tons, which is a 5 percent increase compared to the same period of 2015. A remarkable growth was registered on the car segment with a 24 percent growth and containers with a 7 percent growth. 

»The positive trend on the car segment can be largely attributed to the deal with Daimler, which is a major achievement for the port, especially in terms of references and image. After one year of cooperation we can say we fulfilled their expectations and we are ready for the next tender which will be published by Daimler in short time« commented Dragomir Matić, president of the management board of Luka Koper about the cooperation with the German car producer. He also stressed the container segment, facing the most intensive investment period ever: »We have built two additional kilometers of terminal railway tracks and now the port’s railway networks extends for 32 kilometers. We are finishing the construction of rails for new RMG cranes and at the beginning of next year we will be able to operate on five container block-trains simultaneously« added Matić. 

The financial results of the first nine months are also encouraging and exceed the relative growth of the physical throughput. Net sales revenues are up by 11 percent and reached 149,5 million euros. Net profit amounted to 33,2 million euros with a 23 percent increase. ROE amounted 14.1 percent while the EBITDA margin was 38.9 percent. 

The Supervisory board at today’s meeting also took note of the benchmark analysis of similar companies abroad on the basis of operating results in 2015. The analysis showed that Luka Koper is comparable in terms of profitability to other port operators:


Luka Koper




EBITDA margin










*Hamburger Hafen und Logistic
**Trieste Marine Terminal
***logisictic group operating several container terminals in Europe


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