In January, Luka Koper published its annual call for applications for sponsorships and donations as part of the Living Koper Port Fund activities. As a socially committed company, Luka Koper wants to promote cultural, sport, environmental and humanitarian activities especially locally where the port’s operations have the maximum impact.

171 of about 300 projects applied for funding will be granted sponsorships and donations. They will receive a total of 98,600 euros which is twice the amount of last year. This accounts for one tenth of all company’s funds dedicated to sponsorships and donations, the remaining portion is granted under multiannual contracts. Due to the total volume of funding and the fact that Luka Koper is one of a few local companies that support socially beneficial projects, we decided to, compliant with the published criteria, support as many as possible mainly local projects. 

Luka Koper will do its best to provide even more funds next year in order to help realise more projects. The next call will most likely be published in January 2017 when the “port of brilliant ideas” will free a berth again.