Port of Koper employees have had their own newsletter, Luški glasnik (The Port News-Herald), for 50 years. It is one of the few internal company newsletters in Slovenia which is still being published uninterruptedly every month in printed form. The first issue was published in 1970 as a combined November and December edition, and the first editor was Bogomir Lilija. To date, there have been seven more editors. Over its five-decade history, the newsletter has changed its image and format as many as nine times, and its content has changed as well. When reading old issues, almost without exception we find information about the company’s business, investments, transhipment processes and plans. We also find topics such as housing policy, nutrition, education, sports, youth activities, blood donation and entertainment. The role of the port as a promoter of the development and progress of the local community can be understood from the following newsletter content: construction of hospitals, kindergartens and schools, environmental awareness, and cooperation with other labour organisations and companies.   

In the new millennium, the company’s newsletter has once again begun to follow its mission in the broadest sense – to build a culture of relationships within the company. In addition to business and personnel news and marketing activities, the newsletter has regularly monitored the areas of quality, occupational safety, investments and new technologies, and employee innovations. Environmental protection and activities related to European projects have become increasingly important. There has also been “lighter” content in the newsletter. Trade unions and the workers’ council, as well as port retirees, have been featured in it. In 2015, we also started sending the adapted form of the Luški glasnik newsletter to our business partners, local authorities, local communities, the media, state and financial institutions, and local schools and libraries. During this period, Luški glasnik has received two awards: it was given the Gold Quill of the Slovene Association of Journalists for internal communication, and the FEIEA ‒ European Association of Internal Communicators awarded it the third place among the best internal newsletters in Europe.   

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of Luški glasnik, we have arranged an exhibition at the Koper Bastion, near the Passenger Terminal. Eight wonderful snapshots of port life are now on display. The photos are in black and white, but they reflect the spirit of the times that our newsletter has been documenting all these years.