On 5th October, Luka Koper marked its 60th anniversary of the company together with business partners.

More than 600 came to Koper from Slovenia and countries from Central Europe and from Egypt, South Korea, Japan and elsewhere.

Luka Koper has been cooperating with some business partners for decades and that’s why the port of Koper is probably unique in the fact that the terminals were practically built from the specific needs of individual customers.

We also took this opportunity to thank the state authorities, who are daily involved in port activities and with their dedication raise the level of port services: customs, maritime administration, phytosanitary and veterinary inspection and the maritime police. “We are aware that the port are not just docks and cranes. A good service is based on the partnership and understanding from the port community, especially the state authorities, which are integrated into our work “, stressed the President of the Luka Koper Management Board, Dragomir Matić.

He also recalled that motivated employees, as well as investments in port infrastructure and equipment, are equally important for quality services, in which the company will invest 300 million euros by 2020. It is very important for business partners that Luka Koper also realizes these plans, as their business plans are also dependent on them, said Čedomir Bojanič from the Transport section of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, and reminded that Koper is today the largest container terminal in the northern Adriatic and the second largest port for cars in the Mediterranean.