In the night of 30.december 2008 we achieved a new milestone in the history of Luka Koper, as our maritime cargo throughput reached a record of 16 million tonnes, which exceeds the annual plan for 5%. The latter was otherwise fulfilled already on 8. December.  
A surplus of the annual plan is also present at the container terminal, which on 26. December surpassed the forecasted throughput of 320.000 TEU by 33.000 TEU (total sum of 353.000 TEU).   
The exceeded annual plan and the excellent results are the proof, which confirms our past announcements of a successful business year of 2008.
At the same time we are fully aware, that ports are only a part of a tight connected logistical chain, which consecutively means that forecasting of plans and goals remains very difficult. Our business activities in 2009 will be undoubtedly marked by aforementioned sharpened conditions.
In the field of port activities we also noticed some adjustments of announcements by our business partners, as this changes are in many ways connected with the reduction of some cargo flows. Despite of this, the expectations of a stimulative extent of business are connected in the first place with the new EU member states, candidates for the membership in the EU and the overseas countries.