The conference was an opportunity to explore topics such as main obstacles for using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a marine fuel, logistics costs associated with the LNG supply chain, opportunities offered by the distribution model on a small scale, existing options for increasing demand for fuel and the latest technical innovations in the LNG market. In addition, the conference presented case studies of some of the first users of LNG in the shipping industry and the latest technological advances for the storage of this fuel.

Both GAINN projects (GAINN4MOS, which sees the participation of Luka Koper, and GAIN4SHIP INNOVATION), coordinated by Fundación Valenciaport have the objective to provide port authorities and ship owners operating in several European countries of the Mediterranean and Portugal, support to comply with environmental regulations in the most efficient manner.

GAINN projects include tasks aimed at analysing and deciding what choice is best when a port offers an LNG supply service, tasks aimed at designing and building such supply infrastructure, engineering studies about ship adaptations that would reduce their CO2 emissions to the desired level, pilot tests aimed at readapting and improving various types of ships and tasks designed to retrofit or build new ships that would meet this regulatory framework.

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