Adria Terminali, a subsidiary company of Luka Koper, d.d. decided to resign from the mixed Italo-slovene company GCT (General Cargo Terminal) which was established  in conjunction with Italian companies Pacorini and Ocean on March 2008. The GCT company in which Adria Terminali had a 48% stake, applied for the concession to manage the general cargo terminal in the port of Trieste .

The decision to leave the GCT company was mainly influenced by the unfavourable political atmosphere in certain circles in Trieste . Adria Terminal does not want to be target of prejudices and disadvantage the other two partners. Since the publishing of the intention of GCT to apply for the concession, many accusations, mostly unfounded and politicaly motivated, were pointed at Luka Koper and its subsidiary company.

We would like to stress that the decision to apply for the concession inTrieste was made also on the basis of efforts of and to improve the cooperation among the ports of Koper and Trieste . It seems Trieste is not yet ready for such entrepreneur cooperation.

Luka Koper remains open for any cooperation with partners withTrieste and , especially on the basis of the good relations with the Trieste port authority, mainly in terms of common interests, like the Adriatic transport route and sea protection.