On 12th October 2023 at Berth I of the Port of Koper we officially christened the new acquisition of Adria Tow d.o.o., the tugboat Ares. 

The new vessel will significantly strengthen the fleet capacity of Adria Tow which has been providing towage and assistance services in the Port of Koper for more than 30 years. The design project of the new vessel, which was built in Gijon, Spain, and has joined the company’s five other tugs in Koper, was presented by Robert Gerk, Adria Tow’s Managing Director.  “Modern cargo ships are getting bigger and bigger, so it is crucial that with the right equipment we provide quality services not only in port towage, but also in other ancillary activities in maritime transport and in the event of emergencies at sea. The vessel is built to the latest standards, including propulsion”, said Gerk, commenting on the latest achievement.

In recent years, the Port of Koper has invested heavily in new port facilities. Throughput has grown, as has the need for reliable maritime services. As Nevenka Kržan, President of the Management Board of the Port of Koper and godmother of today’s tug christening pointed out, Adria Tow is an example of good practice, as it has been successfully modernising its tug fleet for years and responding to the challenges of modern maritime logistics. Towing services are a prerequisite for the safe arrival and departure of ships in port, and they are indispensable even in the face of exceptional events such as those witnessed during this summer’s storms.

On behalf of the company Ocean from Trieste that, along with Luka Koper, is half-owner of Adria Tow, the owner and director Alberto Cattaruzza greeted all present. He recalled the founding of Adria Tow and the first years of its rapid development. “It was crucial to recognise the potential of the area and the Port of Koper, and we succeeded because we believed in the story and in the people who continue it. The results have confirmed that our decision was the right one”. He expressed his pride in the work and achievements of Adria Tow which he considers to be an excellent example of successful cooperation between public and private capital.

Gracijan Necmeskal, President of the Slovenian Association of Maritime Transport Agencies, also emphasised in his welcome address that tugs are a necessary segment of the logistics process, which contributes to the more economical and efficient operation of the port and its competitiveness. He also stressed that investments – both in upgrading and expanding the port infrastructure and in ensuring reliable road and rail connections – are crucial for the further development of the port and logistics in general.

“I am convinced that the new vessel will help to further reduce the risks of maritime accidents and preserve the good reputation of the Port of Koper,” said Andrej Rajh, State Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure, summarising his thoughts at the inauguration. He placed particular emphasis on the segment of safety and maritime security and, in this context, highlighted the indispensable role of Adria-Tow in the national system of protection, rescue and assistance.