On 4th February a business delegation headed by Alessandro Teixeire, the President of APEX-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency visited the Port of Koper. Discussions with Luka Koper management centred around the possibilities for stronger commercial relations, as well the establishment a distribution centre for Brazilian goods shipped to Slovenia. Luka Koper‘s inland terminal in Sežana offers a perfect location, whilst the Port of Koper – due to its geo-strategic location, dynamic capacities and integrated services – provides an appealing option for the Brazilian cargos destined for the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.
In addition, the guests expressed their interest in the use of the Port of Koper for the distribution of coal and iron ore, by way of which Luka Koper would acquire major new contracts and further strengthen its links with a massive market with very large potentials for growth. Realisation of these ambitions is fully dependent on the port’s development and expansion through the adoption of the National Spatial Plan.
Currently, Koper is a European entrepôt for Brazilian soya and sugar exports, whereas container freight shipped to the port is for the most part attributable to coffee, tobacco and glass. Cargo leaving for Brazil via the Port of Koper encompasses steel manufactures (such as rail track) as well as a variety of container freight.
The Brazilian delegation was joined by the Ambassador of Brazil in Slovenia, Ms Debora Vainer Barenboim, who first visited Luka Koper in July 2008, upon which occasion she promised her support in the further establishment of contacts between the two countries.