Last year, Luka Koper inaugurated its new Living with the Port website – – in order to allow direct and open communication with the local community as well as all those interested in the sustainable development of ’s sole seaport. Henceforth this portal also provides online information in real time as to noise level measurements recoded at two points in the vicinity of the port zone. 
Since the establishment of the website measurement data on airborne dust particles maybe monitored directly, and the results thus far are encouraging: the legally prescribed threshold value has not been exceeded. The air we breathe in Koper is less-polluted and certainly no worse than in other towns and cities across .

Over recent years, and through the provision of remedial measures and devices – such as anti-dust curtains, water sprays and enclosed conveyors – Luka Koper has invested a great deal into reducing the environmental impacts of operations at the Port of Koper . Handling and storage systems of cargos disposed to emissions are constructed in compliance with best available technologies, solutions which are nowadays a prerequisite for the issue of building, operational and environmental protection permits. 

The company will further adapt new investments, the acquisition of plant and equipment, as well as spatial plans, to the highest ecological standards. We aim to build a green port which is self-sufficient in terms of energy and develops in harmony with nature and the local community.