Luka Koper has adapted its IT system, process and equipment accordingly. With the entrance of the new regulation into force, it will be necessary to submit VGM on the entrance documentation for full containers (prior to the entrance to the Port of Koper).

To shippers that do not have the possibility to provide information on the VGM before arrival in the Port of Koper, Port of Koper will offer the weighing operation service in accordance with the Method 1 (SOLAS Regulation 74/Chapter VI, Paragraph 2.4.1.):

For all containers stuffed in the Port of Koper, the shipper can provide VGM in accordance with Method 2 (SOLAS Regulation 74/Chapter VI, Paragraph 2.4.1.).

The responsibility to provide the VGM certification lies is on the shipper.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact your forwarder or our Marketing and/or Terminal Sales Department.