Luka Koper was among the first European ports to regulate its operations in compliance with the international quality standards. Back in 1994 we started to introduce the principles of quality in our work system and practices, and three years later we were granted the first certificate for the compliance with ISO 9002 quality standards. Over the following years we began to implement the model of business excellence and in 2005 received the European award in this field. In this period we were also granted several certificates related to food safety and occupational health.

On 5th May, the conference on the management systems entitled ˮManagement systems – a burden or an advantage?“ organised by SIQ – Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology with collaboration of Luka Koper was held in Koper. The speakers agreed that the management systems are an advantage for every organisation because they allow regulated operation and the opportunities for further growth and development. The event was also an opportunity to grant Luka Koper the latest quality management certificate ISO 9001:2015. Luka Koper received ISO 9001 certificate 20 years ago and now it has been upgraded with the latest version which is even more focused the accomplishment of results and constant improvements of operation. “At Luka Koper we are proud of granted certificates and consider them a motivation to increase the quality of our work which is ultimately reflected in the satisfaction of our business partners,ˮ said Dragomir Matić, the President of Luka Koper Management Board upon the receipt of the certificate.

Luka Koper acquired environment management system certificate ISO 14001 in 2000. The company invested a lot of efforts in this field and as a result it was upgraded by EMAS certificate in 2010 which is the highest European standard in the environment management. We are still one of the few European ports which hold EMAS certificate and plan their environmental policy long-term. “I am pleased to announce that the company has recently adopted Environmental Strategy by 2030 with actual steps for its implementation,ˮ added Matić. The strategy defines basic activities that Luka Koper as a socially responsible company will implement in the field of sustainable development. 

Key points are summarised in the presentation below.