Ljubljana hosts an economic forum today: Challenges and opportunities for economic cooperation between Slovenia and Japan. A day before the event, a delegation of representatives from 16 Japanese companies, JETRO, SPIRIT and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, headed by Japanese Ambassador to Slovenia Masaharu Yoshida, visited the Port of Koper.

The guests from the TIC IOC colleagues visited Koper, followed by a presentation of the possibilities and services offered by Slovenian logistics and the Port of Koper, and finally visited the port.

Some guests were in Koper for the first time, but some want to expand their existing cooperation with us, so they were also interested in the details of our services and capacities, and especially how we will increase the capacities at the container terminal, when the 2nd track will be built, how reliable our services and work with support services and the work of the supervisory services.

The confidence of the Japanese clients in Koper will surely be enhanced when the Japanese logist Yusen Logistics officially opens its office in Koper on October 11 which will be the first Japanes office of this kind in Koper.

Photo: Embassy of Japan in Ljubljana