One of the most important logistic events “International Exhibition Transport & Logistics 2009” in Munich hosted a joined presentation of three northern Adriatic ports.

The presidents of Triest and Rijeka Port Authorities together with Port of Koper’s President of Management Board Robert Časar presented the Northern Adriatic port triangle as an alternative to North Europe.

The  Adriatic Seaway to Europe represents a huge potential for European logistic with a considerable advantage: ships sailing through Suez reach Europe via North Adriatic 6 days sooner than those coming through Gibraltar headed North. Less sailing days naturally results in lower transport cost in general.

Presented benefit and great opportunity of Rijeka-Koper-Triest port triangle attracted an unexpectedly large number of listeners and visitors of Munich’s exhibition who attended yesterday’s presentation.

Port of Koper regularly presents its full port system service at Munich transport and logistics fair, this year registering 1760 exhibitors from 55 countries worldwide. Port of Koper’s presentation point is being accompanied with Adria Terminals managing the inland terminal close to Koper and Adria Transport, offering support to the Port of Koper terminal operations and enabling rail-freight services.