On 16th of November 2015, the first Steering Committee of the Action Improving North Adriatic ports’ maritime accessibility and hinterland connections to the Core NetworkNAPA4CORE was in Koper (Slovenia), with the participation of Luka Koper as Action’s coordinator, as well as Trieste port Authority and the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport / Rete Autostrade Mediterranee (RAM).  The project goal – as it is evident from the Action’s title – is to improve maritime and land accessibility of the ports of the North Adriatic, where almost 22 million € of co-financing will be employed  for the construction of a new logistics platform in Trieste as well as new container infrastructure in Koper.

Together with partners Luka Koper submitted the NAPA4CORE Action at the Connecting Europe Facility call 2014. The project has been positively evaluated, so currently the grant agreement with INEA is to be signed.  

Luka Koper aims to co-finance the construction of public port infrastructure to support the development of the container traffic at the Port of Koper. Among other the grant will party cover the investment for the construction of a new berth, the reconstruction of the existing berths, the construction of new railway tracks as well as RMG tracks to support the introduction of the RMG technology which is appealing due to its potentials for energy savings, but also a new port entrance in Bertoki that will disburden the city of Koper from a great amount of trucks, which in future will be entering the port area directly from the Bertoki access road.


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