As of 1st April 2009, Luka Koper d.d. will gain a new representative office in the Far East: Infinity Logistics and Transport, an international company based in the port city of Klang, Malaysia, will link business partners and other interested parties with Luka Koper.
Infinity Logistics and Transport was established in 2003 in order to provide logistics support and transport services between Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Today it is comprised of 6 independent and 7 subsidiary enterprises, and employs more than 230 experts. In addition to a heavy presence across its core countries, Infinity Logistics and Transport has representative offices in the United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, as well as North Korea, China, Japan, the Philippines and Australia. Its branch network therefore ensures good market coverage, whilst this company’s experience and membership of various associations provides an interface with potential clients throughout the Far East.

Infinity Logistics and Transport provides integrated logistics services over land, by sea and air. In addition to the Klang Freight Village, a multi-purpose terminal in the Malaysian port, the company also operates 1,800 containers, 30 towing vehicles, 150 trailers as well as trucks. Further to this, Infinity is also the representative of PD Ports, which operates Teesport in the United Kingdom.