Luka Koper was among the founding members of the association that was established last summer and unites various port authorities from the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa and Asia. The organisation strives to counterbalance the domain of the Northern European ports.

Within the MEDPorts Association, six technical committees were established with the objective of dealing with various issues faced by the ports on daily basis. The committee for statistics and market analysis will focus on common performance indicators, economic influence of the members and best practices in the field of logistics. The Smart Port committee will examine the possibilities for implementation of a common database platform and will support the exchange of best practices in the field of technology and energy consumption. The sustainability committee will elaborate a study on ships’ plug-in to the electric grid and will identify best practice examples in the field of key environmental challenges. The task of the committee for relations with international institutions will be to examine the possibilities of cooperation between organisations and to represent MEDPorts in various European expert teams and corridor summits. The safety and security committee will elaborate a set of common standards applied by ports and association members, by setting-up a digital platform for the exchange of safety data. The training and maritime expertise committee will concentrate on various forms of work in order to elaborate specific educational programmes for the association members.