The Forum was attended by a large number of Mediterranean ports representatives from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Malta, Albania, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Turkey. The event was also attended by the Port of Koper representative Maša Čertalič

The participants of the Forum were unanimous that in the light of the importance of the ports in the international commodities exchange and economy supply, a close cooperation between the ports in various fields will continue to be of key importance. It will improve the support to goods flows, the exchange and transfer of best practices in key issues and the more effective functioning of the ports themselves. The improvement of port infrastructure and hinterland links and the speeding up of logistics processes in terms of maximizing the integration and compatibility of systems in data exchange is a common goal that all ports share. Opportunities are certainly provided for in the simplification of customs and inspection procedures between the EU and third countries, as well as in the establishment of sea motorways between the Mediterranean ports. Participants agreed that the economic and social stability of Mediterranean Africa, which is in the interest of all stakeholders, is crucial for the intensified functioning of ports, logistics and international trade. 

Considering the many common challenges and opportunities, the ports at the end of the Forum signed a letter of intent on the establishment of a joint association that will be involved in dealing with specific matters. In the course of this year, other Mediterranean ports will be invited to participate as well.