The project, coordinated by Luka Koper, includes 20 partners from Italy, France, Cyprus, Israel and Slovenia. The project will last till October 2017 and will address innovative solutions establishing perishable goods logistic chains, considering the Motorways of the sea concept from non-EU countries by using railway connections till the main European markets via 3 Mediterranean ports: Marseille, Venice and Koper. At the same time the project approaches also ICT solutions, which will improve tracing of cargo and speed up the certifications for perishable goods controls. Besides the ports, the project partners are also: shipowners and their agents, railway operators, forwarders, technology enterprises, exporters and traders. The project fully supports the corridors policy according the new TEN-T regulation and develops environmental friendly solutions.

The project budget is 21,4 mio €, the EU cofinancing is 50%.

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