The Slovenian railway operator Adria kombi introduced a new direct railway service between Port of Koper Container Terminal and Terminal Riem in Munich. The service will run 3 times per week in both directions, first train will depart from Koper to Bavarian capital on March 6th 2018.

Although Bavaria and Southern Germany in general represent an important market for Port of Koper, the potential hasn’t been fully exploited yet. The cooperation began in 1970s when the German market was supplied with fruit and vegetables from the Mediterranean countries via Koper. Due to the preferential trade agreements of the EU this trade recorded a substantial decrease.
However, Luka Koper fully seized the new opportunity after Slovenia became an EU member state. Last year, the volume of cargo handled for the Bavarian market (mainly perishable goods, timber, livestock and vehicles), exceeded 550,000 tons. The 290,000 vehicles can be attributed to the new contract with Daimler-Benz Group that chose Luka Koper for the export of its vehicles to Far East. In addition, Luka Koper has been handling the Volkswagen vehicles for the Mediterranean countries for several years now. As a matter of fact, the VW vehicles account for the major part of the total vehicle throughput.

Bavaria is one of the most developed and export-oriented German regions, offering a huge trade growth potential via Koper due to shorter transport route. A container from China reaches South Germany much sooner travelling via Koper compared to the northern European ports, since the distance from Munich to Koper is 300 kilometers shorter than to Hamburg.

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