Some plots of land located in an area that according to the Slovene National Spatial Plan (DPN) was intended for port development, and which until recently were owned by the Municipality of Ankaran, will pass into state hands. 

At the end of November, the state and the Municipality of Ankaran formally agreed on the state’s purchase of 112,539 m² of land. As a result, the state will become the owner of 109,239 m² of land, the so-called lots 6A and 7A, as well as the owner of 3,300 m² of real estate situated in an area which has already been intended for the construction of an external truck terminal. The Municipality of Ankaran also ceded to the state and transferred to it free of charge the ownership of the 5,264 m² Ankaran Bonifika depression water-pumping area, thus providing the state with oversight of flood safety in the area intended for port expansion. The arrangement of formal relationships between the state and the municipality was not just about buying but also selling. Namely, the state sold the Municipality of Ankaran 7,708 m² of land in the area of St. Katarina and thus enabled the municipality to regulate the port and develop sports activities there. In addition to real estate contracts, the state and the municipality also concluded a letter of intent, committing themselves to cooperating in the further development of the port and the local community.