The European Commission decided to co-finance the maritime connection between Koper and Barcelona (project KOBALINK) from the European funds of Marco Polo 2 program (2008). The intention of Marco Polo is to support projects, which stimulate movements of cargo from roads to more environmental friendly transport (by railways, seas and rivers).

The project KOBALINK was prepared by Luka Koper, Autoterminal Barcelona and the Greek ship-owner Neptune Lines. The aim of all aforementioned is to establish a regular two way maritime connection for car transport between Koper and Barcelona. The European Commission received 80 applications for Marco Polo 2 program, among 20 chosen projects the KOBALINK was evaluated as a second best. The Commission approved co-financing of 2.041.251€ for a period of three years. The maritime connection has to be established until July 2009.