We can assure that the Port of Koper is currently fully operational despite various safety
measures taken to protect employees and everyone else in the port area and to reduce the spreading of the Covid 19 infection. The border post control and customs authorities are working 24/7 and in compliance of safety measures, ensuring safe traffic of goods.
We would like to inform you that rail freight traffic across all border crossings and on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is running normally. Despite certain limitations of road traffic in neighbouring countries and on road border crossings, road freight traffic, including transit road freight traffic is running normally.

Due to the COVID 19 and in order to support health and safety in Road Freight Transport, the Ministry of Infrastructure has suspended the limitation for truck traffic in Slovenia – vehicles with a maximum permissible weight more than 7.500 kg – on Sundays and non-working days from 8 am to 9 pm and on Friday before Easter holiday from 2 pm to 9 pm.
The logistic route through the Port of Koper and through Slovenia is working without
disruptions and reliably.

All notifications regarding the situation of port operations are available on their web site