Koper, January 28th – Mr. Sabyasachi Hajara, chairman and managingdirector of Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) visited Port of Koper and met with Mr. Robert Časar, president of Luka Koper, d.d. and other members of Management Board. 

After a presentation of our port, it’s organizational structure, technical data, available service and further strategical development plans, respective guests discussed possibilities for a greater business cooperation between the two companies. The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., (SCI) was established in 1961 and is currently the country’s premier shipping line owning 79 vessels totalling 2,73 million GRTwhich represents more than one third of Indian fleetSCI and it’s joint ventures provide regular shipping lines to all parts of the World, majority of their cargo being bulk though increasing the number of container lines. Therefore, they have already purchased two new container vessels with 4.400 TEU and planning to build even more. SCI container lines for European markets connect India with British ports, northerneuropean ports and the Mediterranean (Genoa and Malta).

SCI is looking for possibilites to strategically increase their maritime traffic to Europe and is interested in opening new gates to the old continent. Shipping lines through Suez ending in Port of Koper have a high advantage for indian cargo coming to Europe, which is already receiving a part of SCI’s cargo through our port. 

Upon positive experience with Port of Koper SCI is interested in establishing a new regular line from Mumbai to KoperMr. Sabyasachi was pleased with presented opportunities the Slovenian port offers and expressed great interest in continuing discussions with Port of Koper, which may become a new main entrance for Indian cargo.