Terminal in numbers

Storage capacities

Covered storage capacities
60.500 m2

Open storage capacities
90.000 m2

Annual capacity
1.500.000 m3

Technological equipment for wood processing

Soaking facilities (anti stain treating)

Drying facility with two chambers (max. chamber capacity is 55 m3)

In the Port of Koper we have been dealing with timber for over 30 years.

The Terminal is technically and professionally qualified for transshipment and storage of:

  • Sawn wood,
  • Semi-finished products.

Wood is protected against rain under the vast covered storage facilities.

Favourable climatic conditions create a perfect environment for natural drying and thus a better quality of timber.

Additional services

  • colouring the timber stock pile's sides,
  •  wood protection against mould and pests,
  • stripping and stuffing of containers


Roman Božič
Head of PC General cargo terminal
Milka Kleva
Sales manager
Robert Šverko
Operations manager