Adria Transport acquires a new locomotive


On 27th July, Luka Koper d.d.'s associated company Adria Transport, christened its new Siemens Eurorunner diesel-electric locomotive. Commonly known as the Hercules, it is the most advanced of its type and will be used for the Koper – Graz – Koper railfreight service, which already features three connections per week. Due to the restriction in axial tension, the new loco can provide traction where multisystem electric locomotives fail, making it the optimal choice for this service.
The Hercules will be used to move wagons from Koper freight terminal to the port, as well as from Koper to the border without any need for stops or change of locomotive. In addition, the loco will not overburden the power supply on the Koper – Divača branch line, therefore the number of trains on this track can be increased. The new locomotive has an operating permit for Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and it can also be used in providing links via Hodoš (Hungarian border) where the track is not electrified.
In collaboration with Slovenian Railways (SŽ) and Rail Cargo Austria (RCA), Adria Transport organised over 200 trains in 2010; this year the number is anticipated to be over 300. The major portion of transports organised by Adria Transport are direct connections with the Port of Koper. It has been a special accomplishment of the company to establish entirely new services, as opposed to taking the existing business of railway operators.