Silo terminal

"For big and small clients"

The principal activity performed at this terminal is handling and warehousing of various kinds of cereals and fodder. 

Cereals, legumes and other seeds, processed soya and other agro-food products is stored in the silo and flat stores. Both systems are entirely computer controlled and equipped with commercial scales. 

 A system for separate handling and warehousing of genetically unmodified soya has been established, which prevents contamination of goods.


Terminal in numbers 

Operative shore 500 m
Sea depth  13.5 m
Silo storage capacity 60,000 tons
Flat stores storage capacity 55,000 tons


Additional services: fumigation, separation, mixing, control and others.


Špela Bertok
Sales manager
+386 5 66 56 391
Nevijo Frank
Sales Manager
+386 5 66 56 588
Shift manager TST
+386 5 6656 311