Luka Koper publishes the maritime throughput data every quarter. You will find the data in the interim/annual reports on

Imporant: Why ESPO data is not always identical to EUROSTAT data? Eurostat relies on data from the National Competent Authorities (NCAs). The source of ESPO data are the port authorities themselves. Eurostat disseminates figures on the gross weight of goods handled in the ports (excluding the tare weight of containers and RO-RO units). However, ESPO ports use the gross-gross weight of goods (including the tare weight of containers and RO-RO units).  Eurostat figures on number of TEUs handled only cover Lo-Lo containers (Lifted-on Lifted-off). Ro-Ro containers (Rolled-on Rolled-off) are counted as Ro-Ro units. ESPO data reports number of containers in TEU independently of the kind of vessel transporting them.  In addition, there might be differences in coverage of actual port facilities included in Eurostat's definition of a “statistical port" and the facilities included in the figures of a port authority.