We are glad to announce that we have developed an on-line form which will facilitate the submitting of complaints about the correctness of invoices (billing) or quality of services rendered.  You can access the on-line form via the link stated at the bottom (right side) of each issued invoice as well as on the Port of Koper website.

The new on-line system for submitting complaints offers many advantages, including:

  • greater transparency and reduced potential for committing errors when entering data,
  • the possibility of including attachments (invoices, supporting documents and other documentation) that are essential for a complete and successful processing of complaints,
  • better traceability of the processing procedure at all stages. Namely, the system will automatically inform you about the following steps:
    • successful entry and submission of your complaint,
    • the beginning of the processing procedure and information about the person in charge,
    • termination of the complaint processing.

Please note that starting from 14th of September 2023, we will only accept complaints submitted via the above-mentioned form.

However, any other comments, suggestions or questions not related to invoices or services provided should be sent to the email address: info@luka-kp.si.