1. APPLICATION FOR PERSONAL ACCESS PERMIT (PASS) AND PASSENGER-VEHICLE ACCESS PERMIT – Each application has to be filled-in by computer and fully completed. Some applications (Instructions on permits release procedure) must be accompanied by additional supporting documents. Applications for the release of permanent permits have to be submitted at least three (3) working days before the desired date of release. In the case of a larger number of persons, the application must be sent a week earlier. Please note that incomplete, unsigned or unconfirmed applications will be rejected and the applicant will receive a written explanation of the reasons for rejection.
  2. PHOTOGRAPH – The application has to be accompanied by a colour photograph in digital format (JPG), which must show a true image of the person named on the application form. The person must be photographed from the front, with the forehead uncovered, without hat, cap or scarf.
  3. CONFIRMATION OF COOPERATION – Before submitting a fully completed application form, the applicant has to obtain a written confirmation (consent) by the responsible person from the Port of Koper – Luka Koper (Business Centre, Organisation Unit) with whom the applicant is cooperating. The applicant may send the confirmation by e-mail together with the application for the access permit release.
  4. EXECUTION OF A WRITTEN AGREEMENT ON SAFETY MEASURES – The executed written agreement on fulfilling health and safety measures at the common site is one of the prerequisites when applying for access permits. If you have not executed it yet, please refer to the PVZE Department at Luka Koper (sporazumi@luka-kp.si).
  5. Access permits for visitors, truck drivers (one-time passes) and external service providers have to be returned to the Permit Release Office on their expiration.
  6. We do not issue access permits for two-wheeled vehicles!
  7. Permits are charged according to the valid price list of Luka Koper d.d. which is published on the company’s website – Luka Koper d. d.- https://www.luka-kp.si/en/services-terminals/tariffs-and-general-terms/ 
  8. Business hours of the Permits Release Office: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15:30. Telephone: +386 5 6656 150 or +386 5 6656 100.
  9. In accordance with the Port Regulations and in order to verify the accuracy of the information provided and the reasons for permit release, additional relevant documentation or clarification may be requested from the applicant in relation to the documentation supplied.

The validity of the access permits is one year or a maximum of two years from the date of permit activation (depending on the purpose of entry to the port and the type of cooperation). The responsibility for monitoring the validity of each access permit lies with the permit holder or his/her employer, and not with Luka Koper d.d.